Skookil Express
Reunion Concert

OCTOBER 5, 2008
7:30 pm
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA

Skookil Express
Band Members

Where are they now?

See photographs of Skookil Express.
We'd love to get more news about where people are playing these days.

Band Members THEN...

John Stey, vocals, guitar, mandolin, fiddle

Ken Terry, vocals, banjo
            died 11/17/01

Ted Sohier, vocals, guitar, bass

Dan Newhall, vocals, bass

Rich Gerlach, vocals, banjo

Ron Greenstein, vocals, bass

Chris Lutman, vocals, fiddle

Bob (Tanner) Tangrea, vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitar

John Simon, vocals, bass

Larry Feldman, vocals, fiddle, mandolin

Rob (Bo) Frazer, vocals, bass, mandolin

Ed Lick, vocals, banjo  

Wanamaker Lewis (Andy Applebaum), vocals, banjo

Rich Kalikow, vocals, mandolin

Dave Spacht, vocals, banjo

Rich Smith, vocals, mandolin

Dick Smith, vocals, banjo, mandolin

Dick Staber, vocals, mandolin

Roger Bellow, vocals, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar

Craig Baker, vocals, steel guitar

Jerry Lundy, vocals, fiddle
               died 1/3/01

Leroy Muma, vocals, fiddle

Jon Glik, vocals, fiddle

Mac Justice, vocals, banjo

Vic Alpher, vocals, fiddle

Dave Kohut, vocals, fiddle

Billy Sage, vocals, fiddle
                died 7/21/02

Tom Cook, vocals, mandolin

Rick Watson, vocals, fiddle


And NOW...

Rich Gerlach. You can get back in touch with Rich by email. And see a great slide show and hear Thunder Creek Bluegrass Band play some tunes.


Ted Sohier, writing you from Pittsburgh. I've been in Pittsburgh since 1979.  I played for more than 15 years with the Pittsburgh bluegrass band, The Dog Run Boys.
In the past five or so years, we've morphed that band into a honky-tonk/western swing/roots country band called The Mavens.  Just released a CD, in fact.

You can access info on both those bands at

E-mail Ted


Ken Terry, who was  instrumental in getting Skookil Express together, died on November 17, 2005. His friends have a website in his memory.


John Stey Listen to John's weekly radio show, "Bluegrass Breakdown" Friday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. In the greater Rhode Island area tune in to 90.3FM. From anywhere else in the world listen to a live stream online.


Clubs Skookil Express Played:

Bryn Mawr Beef & Ale, Cas & Lou Notskas & Ted the bartender  
Wheel Pump Inn,  Doug Derby
Dr Watsons  
Grendelís Liar  
Weldon House  
Head House
Allentown Ale House  
Johnís Place
Anvil Inn  


Bands that Played Bryn Mawr Beef & Ale and/or Wheel Pump Inn

Crystall Creek, Tasty Licks, Whetstone Run, Buckís County Grass, Chester County Grass, Yonder City, Bluegrass Uprising, New County Boys, New Appalachia, Coup díGrass, Arwen Mt. Boys, Northern Lights, Altmont Hotel, Spirits of Bluegrass, Strait Grain, Foggy Mt. Grass, Docís Band, Rocky Hill, Mail Pouch Express, Buck White & the Down Home Folks, Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers, Ricky Skaggs & Boone Creek, Bluegrass Cardinals, JD Crowe & the New South, Night Sun, Buffalo Gals, Bluegrass Alliance w/Vince Gil, Country Store, the Caffrey Family

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